The NEOC is established and supported by the NDMO

The NEOC is the engine-room for the management of disaster information and national level disaster planning and operations to support sector and provincial response to disaster events. It informs and is responsible to the N-DOC. The NEOC manager is the National Operations Manager and reports to the Disaster Coordinator as the Chair of the N-DOC.


  • monitor and assess developing disaster situations and issue warnings as appropriate

  • coordinate the assessment of impacts from disaster events through the sectors and provinces and prepare and issue situation reports (Sitreps) and assessment reports – ISO, IDA, DSA

  • undertake planning, operations and logistics functions at the national level to support sector and provincial responses

  • develop, manage and issue public information for developing and during disaster events

  • manage donations, access funding through financial contingency warrants, maintain records, follow audit processes etc. and maintain external confidence through the Support/Admin Functional Team

  • address external support issues for customs, exemptions, immigration etc. through the Support/Admin Functional Team

  • be the first point of contact for registration of external support for disaster events. External support is to be provided via the N-DOC Sector Committees through the sectors and provinces

The NEOC is organised on six functional teams plus Hazards Advisors and the National Emergency Response Team (NERT). The NEOC is managed by the National Operations Manager with a NEOC Management Team comprising heads of the six NEOC teams, the appropriate Hazard Advisor and the Head of NERT.

The arrangement and functions of the NEOC, the Hazards Advisors and the NEOC Functional Teams are to be established in SOP’s by the Disaster Coordinator for approval by the N-DOC.